5 Books Being Made Into Movies To Read ASAP

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Does anyone else feel like the people that actually read books before watching their movie versions are in some sort of an elite club? They always know waaay more about the story and characters than you do, automatically making them more of an expert on the subject. From now on, I’ve decided to change that and actually read some books before watching them on the big screen! Who’s with me??!

Here are 5 books being turned into movies that we plan on reading ASAP.

#1: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

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Confession: I’ve had this book on my shelf for a few years now, but never gotten around to reading it. Now I couldn’t be more excited to finally start it after seeing the movie’s trailer on Netflix! We’ve been in serious need of some YA rom-coms, and Netflix is proving to be up to the task. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before comes out this month, though, so time to get your copy! If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, watch below please. I may or may not have watched it 15 times so far….

#2: Roomies

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Haven’t heard of this book? Neither had I until our other sister told us about it being turned into a movie. Jenna Dewan’s production company is involved, and apparently she is set to be the lead (don’t quote us on that). Oh, and did we mention that it’s a music-driven rom-com? BASICALLY MADE FOR US SPECIFICALLY. Just sayin’.

#3: The Sky is Everywhere

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Selena Gomez’s production company has the reigns, and she is set to play the main character, Lennie. And after her involvement with 13 Reasons Why, there is no doubt in my mind this is something we’d enjoy.

#4: Crazy Rich Asians

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If you haven’t seen the trailer for Crazy Rich Asians, I don’t even know who you are. It comes out this month, so this is another book that I’ve gotta hurry up and read (def a little late to the party). Shouldn’t be hard, though, considering its outstanding reviews and its rom-com standing. If you haven’t noticed yet, we like rom-coms just a little bit…

#5: Why We Broke Up

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A book about high school? Check. Romance? Check. Hailee Steinfeld (AKA QUEEN) cast as the lead in the movie? Check. Need I give you another reason to read it?


We’d LOVE to hear of any other books being made into movies that you may know of! Comment below!

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