About Us

We are two sisters who are and always have been lovers of fashion. This love stemmed from a young age after watching films like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and To Catch A Thief and being in complete awe of the gorgeous costumes on screen. As we grew older, we continued to find inspiration anywhere we could, however it mainly still came from film, television, and celebrities. This inspiration is something you will see time and time again on Styling Her, as it is one of the main reason our blog actually exists.

Another reason is because of Rachel’s love of styling. She always enjoyed putting outfits together for her own daily life, but absolutely nothing pleased her more than styling those around her and seeing the joy it could bring them. Claire, being the younger sister, was constantly (and very willingly) the recipient of these actions, which is how the name ‘Styling Her’ was born. Countless “compliment-worthy” (one of Rachel’s overly used fashion phrases…you’ll see) outfits led to this blog, and we’re incredibly happy to be here. 🙂

We currently live in Chicago (specifically the Lakeview neighborhood), but are originally from St. Louis, MO.

Thanks so much for stopping by Styling Her!

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If you’re interested in working together or have any questions, either fill out the form or email us at [email protected]!