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Today is the first day of our new blog series, Currently Channeling!! In this series, we take a character from a TV show or movie, a stylish celeb, an era, or maybe even a historical figure and channel them in our outfit. Ever since I was a little girl, I found myself fawning over the fashion of film and television, which is truly where all of this sparked from. We’ve been wanting to have this be a part of our blog from the very beginning, and we are beyond excited to FINALLY get it started! We have a LOOONG lineup of stylish individuals we plan on channeling, but if you have any suggestions, always feel free to comment below or even email us at [email protected]!

In our first Currently Channeling, we decided to do one of our favorite TV characters (who also happens to be one of the most stylish)…Rachel Green from Friends! The character that made Jennifer Aniston a star had quite the enviable look, so much so that she inspired the name of the famous haircut, “The Rachel”. But not only did Rachel Green have great hair, she also had fabulous style. If you go back and watch, a lot of what she wore is back in today. Some may even say it never went out of style. Either way, she is definitely someone that you should take style cues from the next time you’re looking for a little inspiration.

This particular look stood out in our minds the second we thought of RG. She had SO many great and memorable looks (and we will without a doubt circle back to her in the future!), but this one in particular really struck a cord with us. A plaid mini is a classic and Rachel practically lived in turtlenecks. Both are fall staples for us (see our 11 fall must-haves here), and we adore them paired with high-heeled, back boots. This look is beyond easy to recreate, and put your own modern spin on. We think Rachel Green would approve!

We hope you enjoyed our first-ever Currently Channeling post, and that you have a fabulous weekend! Now that we have the outfit, we plan on busily searching for our very own Ross… 😉




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