Dress as Him for Halloween

So far, we’ve had three Halloween Costume Round-Ups: Female Characters, Couples, and BFF + Group. They all have some really great options depending on what you’re looking to dress up as this Halloween, but this fourth and last round-up just may include some of our favorites! We figured, why limit yourself to only dressing as female characters out there when there are also so many great male options?! We think it’s super fun, and no longer is it weird seeing as it’s 2017 and we’re totally confident to do these sort of things. Anyways, we hope you enjoy our last Halloween Costume Round-Up of the year, and we can’t wait to see all of your costumes all over social media!!


Styling Her Halloween Costume


What You’ll Need:

Striped Suit
White Button-Up
Black Tie
Dark Eye Makeup

risky business halloween costume

Risky Business

What You’ll Need:
White Button-Up
White Tube Socks
Black Wayfarers

Image result for captain jack sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow

from Pirates of the Caribbean
What You’ll Need:
Red/Orange Scarf
White, Loose Blouse
Brown Vest
Tan Pants
Brown Boots
Beads For Your Hair!
LOTS of Eye Makeup

Styling Her Top Gun Halloween Costume

Top Gun

What You’ll Need:
Brown, Leather Bomber Jacket
Basic White Tee
Light Wash Denim

Styling Her Back to the Future Costume

Back to the Future

What You’ll Need:
Puffy Red Vest
Denim Jacket
Plaid Shirt

Image result for holes shia labeouf


What You’ll Need:
White Tank or Tee
Orange Pants
  • Rub some dirt all over to really sell the look!

Styling Her Halloween Costumes James Dean

Rebel Without a Cause

What You’ll Need:
Red Windbreaker
Basic White Tee

Styling Her Halloween Costume Ideas

Joe Dirt

What You’ll Need:
Plaid Shirt
  • With the sleeves cut off

peter pan halloween costume

Peter Pan

What You’ll Need:
Green Hat with Red Feather
Green Leotard, Bodysuit, or Even a Romper
Green Tights
Brown Shoes

Styling Her Halloween Costume Mask of Zorro

The Mask of Zorro

What You’ll Need:
Black Hat
Black Mask
  • Try using a black scarf and cutting out holes for the eyes!
Black Cape
Black Top
Black Pants
Fake Sword

Spongebob Halloween Costume Styling Her

SpongeBob Squarepants

What You’ll Need:
White, Short Sleeve Button-Up
Red Tie
Tan Shorts
Black Belt
Striped Tube Socks

Styling Her Willy Wonka Halloween Costume

Willy Wonka

What You’ll Need:
Purple Coat
Light Purple Button-Up
Tan Bow Tie
Light Brown Hat

Zoolander Halloween Costume


What You’ll Need:
Matching, Printed Head Scarf and Jacket
Black Pants
Black Shoes

Pulp Fiction Halloween Costume

Bruce Willis

in Pulp Fiction
What You’ll Need:
Yellow Gold Boxing Robe
  • Or any silky robe will do!
White Tank
Black Shorts
Red Boxing Gloves

Newsies Halloween Costume


What You’ll Need:
Baker Boy or Newsboy Hat
  • Plaid would be amazing!
  • You can really get creative here!

James Bond Costume

James Bond

What You’ll Need:
Black Suit
Bow Tie
Fake Gun
  • Shaken, not stirred… 😉

dazed and confused halloween costume

Matthew McConnaughey

in Dazed and Confused
What You’ll Need:
Ted Nugents Tee
Blush or Light Pink Pants
Brown Belt

Breakfast Club Halloween Costume

Judd Nelson

in The Breakfast Club
What You’ll Need:
White, Long Sleeve Tee
Red Plaid Flannel
  • Cut it to make it short sleeve!
Black, Fingerless Gloves
Gray Pants
Jean Jacket
Black Boots

Image result for sherlock holmes

Sherlock Holmes

What You’ll Need:
Deerstalker Hat
Cape or Other Coat

Ace Ventura Costume

Ace Ventura

What You’ll Need:
Hawaiian Shirt
White Tee or Tank
Striped Pants
  • If you can find! Otherwise a solid pair will do.

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