Dress as Him for Halloween: Film + TV Edition

Beetlejuice Halloween Costume


What You’ll Need:

Striped Suit
White Button-Up
Black Tie
Dark Eye Makeup

risky business halloween costume

Risky Business

What You’ll Need:
White Button-Up
White Tube Socks
Black Wayfarers

Halloween Costume Ideas 2018

Captain Jack Sparrow

from Pirates of the Caribbean
What You’ll Need:
Red/Orange Scarf
White, Loose Blouse
Brown Vest
Tan Pants
Brown Boots
Beads For Your Hair!
LOTS of Eye Makeup

Styling Her Top Gun Halloween Costume

Top Gun

What You’ll Need:
Brown, Leather Bomber Jacket
Basic White Tee
Light Wash Denim

Styling Her Back to the Future Costume

Back to the Future

What You’ll Need:
Puffy Red Vest
Denim Jacket
Plaid Shirt

Image result for holes shia labeouf


What You’ll Need:
White Tank or Tee
Orange Pants
  • Rub some dirt all over to really sell the look!


Styling Her Halloween Costumes James Dean

Rebel Without a Cause

What You’ll Need:
Red Windbreaker
Basic White Tee

Styling Her Halloween Costume Ideas

Joe Dirt

What You’ll Need:
Plaid Shirt
  • With the sleeves cut off

peter pan halloween costume

Peter Pan

What You’ll Need:
Green Hat with Red Feather
Green Leotard, Bodysuit, or Even a Romper
Green Tights
Brown Shoes

Styling Her Halloween Costume Mask of Zorro

The Mask of Zorro

What You’ll Need:
Black Hat
Black Mask
  • Try using a black scarf and cutting out holes for the eyes!
Black Cape
Black Top
Black Pants
Fake Sword

Spongebob Halloween Costume Styling Her

SpongeBob Squarepants

What You’ll Need:
White, Short Sleeve Button-Up
Red Tie
Tan Shorts
Black Belt
Striped Tube Socks

Styling Her Willy Wonka Halloween Costume

Willy Wonka

What You’ll Need:
Purple Coat
Light Purple Button-Up
Tan Bow Tie
Light Brown Hat

Zoolander Halloween Costume


What You’ll Need:
Matching, Printed Head Scarf and Jacket
Black Pants
Black Shoes

Pulp Fiction Halloween Costume

Bruce Willis

in Pulp Fiction
What You’ll Need:
Yellow Gold Boxing Robe
  • Or any silky robe will do!
White Tank
Black Shorts
Red Boxing Gloves

Newsies Halloween Costume


What You’ll Need:
Baker Boy or Newsboy Hat
  • Plaid would be amazing!
  • You can really get creative here!


James Bond Costume

James Bond

What You’ll Need:
Black Suit
Bow Tie
Fake Gun
  • Shaken, not stirred… 😉


dazed and confused halloween costume

Matthew McConnaughey

in Dazed and Confused
What You’ll Need:
Ted Nugents Tee
Blush or Light Pink Pants
Brown Belt

Breakfast Club Halloween Costume

Judd Nelson

in The Breakfast Club
What You’ll Need:
White, Long Sleeve Tee
Red Plaid Flannel
  • Cut it to make it short sleeve!
Black, Fingerless Gloves
Gray Pants
Jean Jacket
Black Boots

Image result for sherlock holmes

Sherlock Holmes

What You’ll Need:
Deerstalker Hat
Cape or Other Coat

Ace Ventura Costume

Ace Ventura

What You’ll Need:
Hawaiian Shirt
White Tee or Tank
Striped Pants
  • If you can find! Otherwise a solid pair will do.

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