Navy Tights

Seriously can you guys believe tomorrow is already Halloween?! Where ON EARTH did October go?? Things are finally cooling off around here, and, boy, did it happen quickly. And with things being so cool, we’ve officially started to pull out all of our tights for the next few months. I spent last fall in London, and absolutely lived in tights! I’d pair them with patterned dresses, leather skirts, and every boot length known to man. They truly pair well with anything from a classic, preppy look to a rocker-esque ensemble; in my mind, you can’t go wrong. Not only do they add something to an outfit, but they ACTUALLY serve a purpose, people! Heck, wear them if you wanna look cute, stay warm, or even cover up those unshaved stems…we’re not judgin’.

This particular look would be fine on it’s own without the navy tights, sure, but we just thought it added that little extra something. Plus, the navy is just so fun! We own a billion black pairs, so this is a great way to mix it up, and isn’t too bold if you’re looking to take baby steps here.

Below we’ve included a similar look to the one pictured here, as these items are no longer available.

We hope everyone enjoys their Halloween tomorrow, and maybe actually indulges in a little (A LOT) of candy in honor of the holiday. 🙂

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