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Styling Her New York City Recap

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At the end of last month my sisters and I all headed to New York for a long weekend. The reason we even decided to make the trip was because we had previously bought tickets to see Harry Styles at MSG, proving to be the perfect excuse for a fun girls’ weekend. As some of you may know, Claire and I live together in Chicago, but our other sister, Grace, was about to move to Italy, so this seemed like an ideal time to get together in a different city. And while most of you have probably been to New York, we wanted to share the highlights of our trip with you below!

Styling Her New York City Recap


Back when I was in college in NYC (those few, very short months), my friends and I would constantly head over to Chelsea Piers, have a few drinks, and just chill by the water. I’ve noticed that my happy place is near bodies of water (same goes for Claire), so we take any chance we get to be near it. And, as you can see above, we chose the most perfect night. The sky was absolutely gorgeous and the temps were beginning to cool off, making it a great spot to watch the sun go down.


Yes, there will be a line. But, yes, it will be worth it. Personally, I think the ambiance is worth the visit alone. Definitely take some time to walk around Madison Square Park, though, while you’re there. I may even like the dog park a little more than the Shake Shack. 🙂

Styling Her New York City Recap


No…we didn’t actually make it inside the Met. It’s something we’d love to do someday, but A) we truly know nothing of art, B) these girls are on a budget, and C) the Met steps were truly all we needed as some pretty big Gossip Girl fans. Sorry, not sorry.

Styling Her New York City Recap


Okay, like we said, this was truly the only reason we made the  trip to New York. And let us tell you…IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT. Harry Styles was AMAZING, Kacey Musgraves was amazing, MSG was amazing…did we mention that it was amazing?! But, seriously, we somehow walked away with an even bigger Harry crush than we had going in, and we plan on attending every show of his in the years to come. And we can’t not mention the Shania Twain cover of “You’re Still the One” he did with Kacey Musgraves…IT WAS EVERYTHING.


This is obviously a must, but we also had to include it on our list! There are soo many gorgeous areas within the park that we could barely cover even a chunk of it this visit. There’s always next time, though, and definitely plan on seeing more of what it has to offer next visit.

Styling Her New York City Recap


I have been the BIGGEST Sex and the City fan since high school, so this was another hugeee highlight of our trip. Basically a big bus drove a bunch of women (okay, there was one guy) around famous SATC locations or shooting locations. An incredibly funny and charismatic woman was our tour guide, making the experience all the better. Best parts of the tour, you ask? By far the highlights were seeing Carrie’s stoop, and getting cosmos at Steve and Aidan’s bar. Here is the link to the tour in case you plan on visiting New York anytime soon.


Thanks for stopping by and make sure to check back in with us Thursday!

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