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As someone who has frizzy (and what some have called, “Hagrid-esque”) hair, it’s been difficult trying to find products that’ll actually tame the beast. In addition to having naturally crazy hair, the Midwestern humidity has definitely not always been on my side. So when we were approached by Formulate to test out their personalized shampoo + conditioner sets, we were thrilled to give it a go! We are loving this personalized trend, and what could be more fun than choosing EXACTLY what you want out of your hair products?


Formulate Personalized Shampoo and Conditioner with Styling Her Formulate Personalized Hair Care

*pictures taken after about 1 month of Formulate use

How It Works: Prior to receiving your Formulate in the mail (yasss you get to stay in your pajamas!), you’ll take this quiz that will evaluate your hair type, current struggles, and overall hair goals! For whatever reason, we found this to be SO fun. Usually, when we’re shampoo shopping at Target or on Amazon, you have to only choose, like, one thing that you want for your hair (moisture, shine, de-frizz, etc.). But with Formulate, they allow you to dive deeper. They start off by getting into your hair basics (color, length), then ask you about your current hair routine (how many times/week you wash your hair, how you style your hair), and, finally, what you’re working towards with your hair (split ends, hydration, length, + so many more options!). You even get to pick what you want your Formulate to smell like (FYI: I picked the scent “Shoreline” and Rachel picked “Burgeon” and we are both OBSESSED)! We also both chose to have our scents on the stronger end, as our hair never seems to hold the smell of shampoo and conditioner! THEY LITERALLY LET YOU PICK EVERYTHING AND IT’S AMAZING.

Formulate Personalized Hair Care

how cute is this packaging?!

Our Honest Thoughts: We both chose 5 goals (that’s the maximum amount you’re allowed to choose!), and a lot of ours overlapped. I chose Lengthen, Replenish Hair, Glossy Hair, Improve Scalp Health, and Mend Split Ends, while Rachel chose Lengthen, Prevent Thinning, Deep Conditioning, Replenish Hair, and Glossy Hair. After using our personalized products for about a month or more, we honestly have nothing but good things to say. I have always had scalp issues, and, slowly but surely, my scalp is becoming less dry and itchy. It is also noticeably softer and glossier than it was before! Rachel has fairly dry hair (c’mon, Rach, drink those 8 glasses of water, girl), and she’s now reporting that her hair feels stronger and glossier than it has in a LONG time. Overall, both of these heads of hair are feeling healthier than ever, and that’s only after using for a month. And while, yes, these products were given to us for free this time, we have both said that we are going to continue using Formulate even after we have to start paying for it.


We want to give one of our followers a personalized Formulate Shampoo + Conditioner set! Click here to enter for your chance to win one for yourself! Also, make sure to keep up with us on Instagram to see more of our thoughts on the products we try.


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