7 Spray Tanning Tips You NEED to Know Before Your Next Appointment!

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We are fair skinned ladies by nature, but who doesn’t love a bit of a summer glow! This week I (Claire) received my spray tan certification after taking a course all day Monday from Kelly Meadows, creator of Slay the Spray! And while I am not going to claim to be an expert after one long day, I did work with the ultimate tan expert. So I can at least share with you some of what I did learn in order to avoid any streaky, blotchy, orange spray tan horror stories that may have otherwise been in your future.

  1. What you NEED to do before. Exfoliate! If you don’t, you are at major risk for looking extremely uneven after your spray tan. (Exfoliate (with something oil-free) the night before your appt, or the morning of if it’s in the evening).
  2. What you’re doing wrong before your spray tan. Showering and shaving too close to the appointment. Give yourself 12-18 hours before your spray tan if you plan on shaving/waxing. And try showering the night before the appt…you don’t want pockets of moisture/dampness to cause splotchiness (unless you tryna’ look like a Dalmatian).
  3. BIG NO NO’s (that if you’re a spray tan connoisseur, you’ll already know). On the day of your appointment, do yourself a favor and do not put on any lotion, moisturizer, make-up, or deodorant (eww, hehe, but true).
  4. I’m a tan GODDESS, so what now? After you’ve been sprayed by either a person or machine, be 100% dry before getting dressed. And although you may look like you’re straight out of Risky Business, wear a button-up top and slip into some loose shorts/pants, & if you are feeling extra, skip the bra this time to avoid weird lines.
  5. Why your spray tan isn’t lasting. You are showering too soon after your tan! You want the solution to have time to fully develop, so avoid getting wet, sweating/working out (you’re welcome), and showering for around 8-12 hours, or just plan to sleep in it overnight. But real talk, don’t be scrubbin’ and dubbin’ in the shower right after you’ve gotten a tan, just simply rinse in warm water and afterwards, pat dry (& do that until the tan has fully faded). You’ll also want to put on a tan extender b/c they can have your tan lasting several more days! (Go HERE for some awesome/affordable options)
  6. SOS I look like Ross from FriendsSo you turned out orange, huh? Well more than likely, it probably wasn’t you!! Before your spray tan, the artist should be aware of your skin type and how dark you want to get, so even if you want to be 50 shades darker (not a direct reference to the movie lol), you should really start with a light solution and slowly work your way down throughout sessions. Moral of the story: communicate with your spray tanner, or whomever your future tan lies in the hands of.
  7. Master self-tanning at home. Oh, self-tanner. It really is a love-hate relationship with you for many. But I’m not lying when I say that I found the BEST self-tanner (recommended by some friends) that honestly works wonders! There is no doubt that I LOVE getting spray tans, but if you don’t have time or are on a tight budget, look no further. I use the St. Moriz Instant Self-Tanning Mousse in Medium and apply it (this is the important part!!) with a Double-Sided Tan Applicator Mitt from Ulta. I’ve gotten SO many compliments on how natural it looks, and the mitt makes it insanely easy for application. 10/10 would recommend!! (this is not sponsored, I seriously just love this stuff)

Now you can be on your way to being a total beach BABE! Any questions? Tanning horror stories? Comment below, email, or message us on Instagram and I’d love to share any advice!

Note: This post is not affiliated with Kelly Meadows of Slay the Spray, and all of this information is formulated in my own opinion/words!

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