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We have made it widely known how much we love The Bachelor, and we are not at all ashamed. I used to be one of those people who made fun of women who indulged themselves on the show each and every Monday…until I started watching it myself. Now, each time a new season of The Bachelor or Bachelor in Paradise (still not a huge fan of The Bachelorette) rolls around, Claire and I act like we’ve picked up a second religion. And while it is SO incredibly fun and juicy, the concept of two people falling in love FOR REAL in front of our eyes is actually kind of nice. BUT let’s be real…the juice and drama is half the fun, so don’t go acting like you’re sooo “above it”. This show is a not-so-guilty pleasure that actually makes Mondays worth having. Let’s dive into our favorites, least favorites, and who we’d like to see more of as of week 4 of this 22nd season of The Bachelor…



First of all, Seinne is super gorgeous and incredibly smart. You can see that the chemistry is there between her and Arie, especially after their one-on-one. And, at this point, she is probably actually one of the women who we would consider to be “wifey material”.


We’re gonna preface this by saying we don’t actually think Tia is going to be taking home a ring at the end of all this. HOWEVER, she is definitely one of our favorites. She’s sassy, down-to-earth, and willing to take on Krystal (anyone who is willing to stand up to Krystal is a winner in our books). Tia really reminds us of Raven, which makes sense considering they’re friends, and we love her presence on the show. At this point, we want her to at least make it fairly far so we have a chance to see her on Bachelor in Paradise.


We knew Bekah’s age, being a mere 22 years old, would become a problem, and this is the episode where it all finally came to a head. Arie officially finds out, and you can see his hesitance. But, honestly, their romance is the one that intrigues us the most. It does almost feel forbidden, maybe due to their 14 year age difference, which may be what makes us want it even more. Their chemistry is definitely the strongest, on top of the fact that he called her “the most amazing woman he’s ever met”. We pretty much need Bekah to stick around, maybe even until the end…

Lauren B.

Lauren B. kind of came out of nowhere this episode, and we’re actually really excited to see where things go with her. Up to this point, we haven’t seen her with Arie all that much and she hasn’t made a huge impression. But she seems sweet, genuine, and drama-free, so we hope to see her come out of the shadows a bit in the next few episodes.


Becca, who scored the first one-on-one, is also a great option for Arie. She appears to be in a place in her life that she’s ready for marriage, making her another one we consider to be “wifey material”. She, too, seems drama-free and down-to-earth, not to mention that fact that she’s gorgeous. We do want to see more of her, though, as she hasn’t been a huge focus these last few episodes. Becca is absolutely one we’re rooting for!


We could not write this post without talking about Krystal, who is now the VERY clear villain of this season. To put it simply, Krystal is the worst. She is manipulative and condescending, and has completely managed to alienate herself from the other girls. Claire and I both freaked out when she interrupted the rose ceremony to “talk to Arie for a second”. We were pretty desperate for her to go home instead of Caroline, but it is what it is. What would The Bachelor be without a villain that the audience loves to hate? It seems like Arie may be catching on to her tricks, though, in next week’s episode, so we may not have to deal with her crazy for much longer. If he isn’t, though, we’re sure Tia’s willing to duke it out with her.

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