There are weekends for raking the leaves, mowing the lawn, running errands, painting the house, and whatever else may be on your to-do list. And then there are weekends that should be designated for absolutely nothing. That is somewhat of an unknown concept in our house, as our folks are constantly keeping busy and are generally incredibly productive human beings. Our generation, however, absolutely appreciates the beauty of relaxation, and no doubt in the form of television. When Hulu added a few old TV shows last week, we knew we needed to do a Throwback TV round-up, including a bunch of our old favorites. We always worry that these old shows won’t hold up, but every single one on our list does,  as long as you don’t mind a little cheese.

Beverly Hills 90210


Now Streaming On: Hulu

Most people today only know of the newer version, 90210, but it’s got nothin’ on the original. Dylan McKay AKA Luke Perry is reason enough to watch, and this is the show that made us fall in love with Jennie Garth. Yes, it’s cheesy, like just about every show on this list, but there’s also a heavy dose of romance and drama keeping it entertaining throughout. Probably the best moment on the show: when Brenda and Kelly show up wearing the same prom dress. You’ll see.

Boy Meets World


Now Streaming On: Hulu

We don’t even feel like we need to say much here, because who doesn’t like Boy Meets World?! The characters are some of our favorites of all time and we’re gonna admit to having the absolute biggest crush on Eric Matthews ATM. But let’s be real, they’re all SO cute with even better personalities. Find someone who doesn’t know what show “Topanga” is from…not gonna happen.

Full House


Now Streaming On: Hulu

I actually really do like the reboot, Fuller House, on Netflix, but I’ve been waiting for someone to put the old episodes up somewhere and finally it happened! I haven’t gone back through and rewatched them all yet, but I am SO looking forward to it. Start watching for John Stamos (because OBVI), but continue watching for that amazing family dynamic.

Home Improvement


Now Streaming On: Hulu

Okay, yes, half of what we talk about regarding these shows is the cute guys, but can you even blame us?! Because watching Jonathan Taylor Thomas grow up is such a beautiful thing. There’s also the absolute biggest factor — Tim Allen. He is such a joy to watch and will forever hold a place in our hearts. Also, if you haven’t checked it out, they made a show called Last Man Standing which is basically him with all daughters, so the exact opposite of Home Improvement.

My So-Called Life


Now Streaming On: Hulu

This show only lasted one season, but I’m pretty sure everyone today knows what a big mistake that was. If you know me (Rachel), you know I have a fairly large dislike for Claire Danes. I have no idea why, but I simply can’t help it. This is one show, however, that I actually enjoy her presence. Definitely worth a watch, and certainly an easy binge due to its short existence.

The Nanny


Now Streaming On: Nowhere! Must be changed ASAP!

Okay Fran is PHENOMENAL. She has amazing style and THAT VOICE. Also it is probably still my favorite theme song to this day. If you didn’t watch The Nanny growing up, did you even have a childhood?!

Sabrina the Teenage Witch


Now Streaming On: Hulu

Probably one of my favorite shows growing up, but I have to admit that I HATED that she couldn’t just do her fun magic spells and get away scot-free. Guess it wouldn’t have been a show from the 90s if we didn’t learn a life lesson by the end of the episode, but still. TEAM HARVEY FOR LIFE.

Saved by the Bell

1989-1992, 1993-1994

Now Streaming On: Hulu

The original Saved by the Bell was from ’89-’92, but then they also had The College Years immediately after, along with numerous AMAZING TV movies. Zack Morris + Kelly Kapowski = Forever. <3

The Wonder Years


Now Streaming On: Netflix

Okay, this is the ONE TV show on this list that neither of us has seen, but not for much longer! We’ve only heard great things about it, and Fred Savage is amazing, so we plan on checking this one out ASAP. Who doesn’t love a good ‘ol family friendly show?

**Also, if this post taught you anything, get Hulu ASAP!!!**


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